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Is the service down?

We currently can’t login or signup or plot any graph using Plotly’s API.

Same here. It’s nice that they don’t have any support or platform to report that

Same problem here. Anyone knows what to do? i sent an email to, but i doubt the’ll answer. is not used any longer. As free users we can’t do anything. Ever report an error…

that’s why I responded to :wink:
up to now no reply that this address is not in use anymore (in contrast to

I hope they will answer and fix it soon

Can’t submit more than 3 answers in one topic (sigh).
Down: Yeah I can log in to the site but still can’t log in with my api key in my application

i’m on again, since 5 min, works fine! you guys try again!!
EDIT: yup, me too. Oh, ok, sorry then, I was obviously not reading carefully enough. If it helps, actually replied, so if you have any issues, maybe they can help you! Good luck!