Is the domain property supported for the 'scatterternary' plot type?

I am attempting to sprinkle several small ‘scatterternary’ plots on top of a ‘contour’ plot (see mockup at bottom of posting). To do this I tried used the ‘domain’ attribute for the axes properties under layout:

aaxis: {domain: [0.8, 1]}
baxis: {domain: [0.8, 1]}
caxis: {domain: [0.8, 1]}

Unfortunately this approach doesn’t seem to work. I couldn’t find anything to this effect in the documentation but perhaps, like polar plots, the domain attribute is unsupported for the ‘scatterternary’ plot type? I can see the difficultly in the construction I attempted given that the ‘domain’ properties are defined in terms of x and y axes whereas ternary plots use the a, b, and c axis references.

Thanks in advance to any guidance you can give me to accomplish what I’m trying to do!

Try layout.ternary.domain.(x|y).

Yeehaw! That worked like a charm @etienne. Thank you!