Is it possible to hide the floating toolbar?

Ah interesting. It seems that by default Dash is not setup to enable the static directory serving. I normally create my own Flask server and pass it in. Since Flask does it enable it by default that means you can so this:

server = Flask(__name__)
app = Dash(server=server)

Alternatively, you can create your Dash instance like this and it will also work:

app = Dash(name=__name__, static_folder='static')

(I’m not sure why the name argument is necessary, but the static route doesn’t work without it)

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T_T look sitll not nice

i try Annotate app.css.config.serve_locally = True. then check source code,have this css。but is 404 - _-!

You’ve uncommented out this line app.css.config.serve_locally = True. My comment was that you can’t do that when adding CSS files this way. Just delete both those lines pertaining to CSS and scripts.

Also you don’t need that second line that creates another Dash() instance. I was giving you two different ways to create the Dash instance, you just need the first one.

thank very very much… i find long time the forum…

is okay now.

can u tell me how use about help code to see chart parameter information?
ples How can use HELP order?

It works fine ! Thank you!

For the undo/redo buttons part of this discussion: in Dash 1.0 these buttons are removed by default. If you actually want them, use app = Dash(show_undo_redo=True)

Would be nice if this could it find into the documentation and to be findable with the search tool.