Is a dynamic hovermode possible in plotly?

Hi all,
The customdata produces a static series for the hovermode however my histogram is dynamic and changes with the variable(s) selected as a result the hover mode remains static and thus incorrect (e.i. the table is correct but not the hover on the plot). Is a dynamic hover using custom data even possible with plotly?

customdata_uk = pd.DataFrame(region_mirco_census[slct_xaxis].value_counts())

                x=region_mirco_census[slct_xaxis], customdata = customdata_uk, histnorm='percent', marker=dict(color='rgba(0,0,0,0)', line=dict(width=4, color=corporate_colors['burnt-orange'])),
                opacity=0.8, name="England and Wales", hovertemplate='<b>Percenatge: %{y:.2f}</b><br>Count: %{customdata} <extra></extra>'

example custom data selection

88106 is the count for Christians not Muslims as the plot hovermode suggests