Iplot() error help

Not sure where to post this. I’m using scattermapbox and, until recently, could call up the figure on line with the jupyter notebook command:

py.iplot(fig,filename=“MathCS 203”)

Now I’m getting the error:

PlotlyError: Because you didn’t supply a ‘file_id’ in the call, we’re assuming you’re trying to snag a figure from a url. You supplied the url, ‘https://plotly.com/~schuelaw/100/’, we expected it to start with ‘https://plot.ly’.

Interestingly, if I plug the url https://plotly.com/~schuelaw/100/, it works just fine. Any help here? I’m using a fully patched Anaconda3 install on Windows 10. Happy to supply more info.




The following command should clear up the problem: import chart_studio; chart_studio.tools.set_config_file(plotly_domain="https://plotly.com", plotly_api_domain="https://api.plotly.com")

Thank you. That solved the problem.