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Intermittent failed connector on schedule data update

I have connected about 10 different charts + data on a SQL Server database. Everything works fine and the data gets updated every 5 minutes. Then, some of the charts stops getting updated while others continue to work fine. When i try to refresh the data, i get this message where my connector information should be :

“Hm… failed to connect to your connector. Double check that is running by visiting your connector. If your connector version is <1.0.4, please update your application. then try reconnecting.”

When i try to use the connector link i get this message :

“Your connection is not private
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My question is :

Is there a way to see a list of scheduled data update or a console log to understand why they keep disconnecting while the other data update are working just fine. They are using the same database, they are based on the same query (only the where clause is different), have similar number of rows, they were created at the same time…

I love this product but having to delete chart + data and do it all over again is frustrating.

Thank you if someone have a solution for me.

Assuming you’re using the desktop app:

  • in Mac and Linux the log file is stored in ~/.plotly/connector/log.log.
  • For Windows, please, follow the instructions here.

Are you opening the link with Chrome?