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Inserting Table into Dashboard

I am having trouble inserting a table into a dashboard. I am able to insert the table manually in the web interface, but not programmatically. I suspect that I am not specifying the ‘boxType’ correctly, but I have tried ‘plot’,‘text’ and ‘table’ to the same result.

Any help would be appreciated.


Using the fileId_from_url function from the documentation:

fileId_1 = fileId_from_url(url_1)

‘type’: ‘box’,
‘boxType’: ‘plot’,
‘text’: fileId_1,
‘title’: ‘’

py.dashboard_ops.upload(my_dboard, page_id)

PlotlyRequestError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
—> 66 py.dashboard_ops.upload(my_dboard, page_id)

C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\social\lib\site-packages\plotly\plotly\plotly.pyc in upload(cls, dashboard, filename, sharing, auto_open)
1469 except exceptions.PlotlyRequestError:
-> 1470 res = v2.dashboards.create(data)
1471 res.raise_for_status()

C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\social\lib\site-packages\plotly\api\v2\dashboards.pyc in create(body)
15 “”“Create a dashboard.”""
16 url = build_url(RESOURCE)
—> 17 return request(‘post’, url, json=body)

C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\social\lib\site-packages\plotly\api\v2\utils.pyc in request(method, url, **kwargs)
151 content = response.content if response else 'No content’
152 raise exceptions.PlotlyRequestError(message, status_code, content)
–> 153 validate_response(response)
154 return response

C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\envs\social\lib\site-packages\plotly\api\v2\utils.pyc in validate_response(response)
77 message = content if content else 'No Content’
—> 79 raise exceptions.PlotlyRequestError(message, status_code, content)

PlotlyRequestError: {u’direction’: u’vertical’, u’sizeUnit’: u’px’, u’second’: {u’type’: u’box’, u’boxType’: u’empty’}, u’size’: 750, u’type’: u’split’, u’first’: {u’type’: u’box’, u’text’: u’’, u’boxType’: u’table’, u’title’: u’’}} is not valid under any of the given schemas

Failed validating ‘oneOf’ in schema[‘properties’][‘layout’]:
{‘oneOf’: [{‘type’: ‘null’}, {’$ref’: ‘#/definitions/container’}]}

On instance[‘layout’]:
{u’direction’: u’vertical’,
u’first’: {u’boxType’: u’table’,
u’text’: u’’,
u’title’: u’’,
u’type’: u’box’},
u’second’: {u’boxType’: u’empty’, u’type’: u’box’},
u’size’: 750,
u’sizeUnit’: u’px’,
u’type’: u’split’}

When I pull the box back down after updating online I get the ‘plot’ boxType.

recent_dboard = py.dashboard_ops.get_dashboard(‘36385509036’)

{u’boxType’: u’plot’,
u’fileId’: u’’,
u’shareKey’: None,
u’title’: u’’,
u’type’: u’box’}

There is both an error with the fileId_from_url function from the docs and your original code.

It looks like if your plot has a name that appears in the url after the number that identifies it, it is getting kept in the fileId, which should not be the case. For example, if is a url, the file ID should be AdamKulidjian:104. We will update the docs to correct the function.

Also, you must assign the fileId to the fileId key in your box. It’s assigned to the text.

Good news, the documentation has been fixed! Woohoo!

Check out the new url parsing function here:

Great! I’ll try it out tonight and give you an update.

Thanks for your help!

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Looks, great now. Thanks!