Inconsistent gaps in Slider

I was trying to create a date slider.

The min value is say : 2015-07-05
The max value is say: 2015-09-09

I converted the date into int i.e 2015-07-05= 20150705 and 2015-09-09= 20150909

For all the values in between these dates [20150705,20150706,20150707…20150908,20150909] I have set marks. I have set the step to None.

However, when the value changes from say 20150730 to 20150801, there is a gap in the slider as the difference between these number is 2015801-20150730 = 71

Is it possible to keep the markers and the gap consistent regardless of what value is supplied?

You could feed the slider a list of evenly distributed numbers, say from 0 to the length of your list of dates, and then set the text of the marks to be the dates.