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Import into PowerPoint or Excel via Add-In not working

I’m using Office 2013, and have installed the add-in

I have the URL of a publicly listed chart on that looks fine via the web

My intention was to try and import that into Excel or Powerpoint

Excel problem
When I click on Insert- Add-In in Excel, it gives me a choice between starting a new graph in or entering a URL. I entered the URL but nothing happens - it just says ‘Loading graph’ (with the animated blue barchart icon) but nothing happens.

Powerpoint problem
When I clikc on Insert-Add-in and choose the add-in, nothing happens. It doesn’t even give me the choice to choose between starting a new graph or entering a URL (as I was offered in Excel).

Does anyone know why these problems may be occurring?



It may have been a small bug, but i should be working now. Let us know if you’re still experiencing the same problem.

If you wish to import your data, Plotly accepts files in .xls, .xlsx, and .csv formats. For a tutorial on how to add data using an Excel file, visit this page:

For general information on how to add data into the new workspace, see this page:

das1002, does the addin work at present? I tried to load the addin into my PowerPoint2013 and it didn’t work (“no Internet connectivity”). Then I tried PowerPoint Online, and it equally doesn’t work (“cannot start - try later”). I wonder if these are problems on my end or with the application?

For the record, my above question is self-answered in the post
How to embed video (e.g. YouTube) in Dashboard with Chart