Import and export data via Webpage


Any idea on how to create a webpage which contain import and export data function to/from database?

Instead of login to the SSMS database to import and export the data, plan to create a webpage to allow user to do the same thing.


import button, export button, submit button, date selection dropdown menu


Import excel file > click submit btn > data in excel file will insert into db,
before the data update into the db, system will need to check is there any duplicate transaction id in the existing table, if yes, then will use update function to update the latest data, else, insert the new data in new row

select the date > click export > the data selected based on dropdown menu will generate and export in excel file format

Hello @beginof,

Please take a look here:

For your purposes, take the data from the upload and do your verification on the data before pushing it to your db.