Images in a table

Good day guys. I was looking at something today and it got me wondering. Can you display an up or down arrow in a dataframe in python, say import an image to track the dynamic changes occuring within a dataframe values, say in a table. when you populate the table the arrows will determine what values rose and what values decreased, more of like
if x> zero:
return image
return image 1`
where image1 displays downward arrow and image two dispalys upward arrow. am curious whether its possible to have such a column in a dataframe where the elements are images whilst the rest are flots, texts or numeric

Right now you can’t display images in tables, but you will be able to in the future with

For now, you can use utf-8 arrows as strings, like ← ↑ → ↓. See for more symbols.

Thanks, had considered those, but the challenge was the unicode for a green arrow