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Iframe and dbc.Tabs, CORDS problems with Netron integration?

Hi guys,

I’m building an interface for a neural network with Dash.
I used the dbc.Tabs component to split the page into multiple tabs.

I inserted the html.Iframe tag in a tab to link the application with Netron (https://github.com/lutzroeder/netron).

The problem I encounter happens when I load / reload the page. If the active tab is not the one where the html.Iframe is contained, this happens:

But, if i set as active tab the tab where the html.Iframe is located, everything works:

This is the part of the code where I put the iframe:

 dbc.Tab(html.Div(html.Iframe(src="http://localhost:8080", width='100%', height='780px')),
                            label="Network architecture", tab_id="network_arch", className="mt-2"),

I found this answer on git: https://github.com/lutzroeder/netron/issues/302
But I can’t figure out if I should use CORDS (from flask_cords ??) and how to activate them in a Dash application.

Also, in the browser’s console i have this error:
[Error: attribute transform: Expected number, “translate(undefined,undefi…”]

I’m new on Dash and i don’t know where the problem might be.
Thank you very much for helping!