I would like to know the tricks of ServersideOutput

ServersideOutput is very easy to use. I want to store a large data (np.array) to dcc.store, but it takes a little time. Do you have any tricks to speed it up?

Do you mean speed up more than ServersideOutput already does?

I want to quickly store 4 of the np.array(256,256,512) arrays into the dcc.Store. In order to make it faster, I think you can do it with np.float32. I’m wondering if there are any other valid data types or if doing dimensional manipulation of the data can speed it up.

The speed is limited by network connectivity and/or disk I/O. If you are running locally, it’s most likely disk I/O. Hence, to speed it up, you could get a faster disk (e.g. an SSD), or use an in-memory caching mechanism (such as Redis) as backend instead of disk.

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Thank you.
I found FileSystemStore faster than Redis. How can I make Redis faster?