I want to embed chart-studio itself on our web

I’m a computer developer who creates tools to analyze data and make it visible on the web.
I want to use the chart studio program provided here on our website. I don’t want to embed the plot I create in chart studio, but rather use the chart studio web layout itself.
So, I installed it on my linux using “pip install chart studio”. Can I embed chart studio on my website this way? We need a chart studio program. It would be great if we could upload and analyze the data through chart studio within our website.

The chart_studio Python module is an API client for the Chart Studio service, rather than a self-installable version of that service. Chart Studio itself is not open-source, and can be used either via a Community account on Chart Studio Cloud (no private charts) or by licensing Chart Studio Enterprise. If you are interested in the latter option, please fill out this form and our sales team will reach out :slight_smile:

I filled out a form with the sales team and asked for it twice, but there was no response. When can I get an answer?