I want click and then next additional explanation

I has been making that if the button click and then show additional explanation.
I want show like memo!!

Can you see the picture?
If I click the drift word and then show addtional explanantion.

And how move the pictrue where I want location ( I want move the picture the bottom)

I imagine this is kinda hard to do with the current CSS grid implementation. You need to define where the pop-up is supposed to sit from the beginning. You can try to put it inside an additional html.Div() and make that Div a className=‘row’ perhaps.

Also was thinking that one could combine Dash with another CSS framework like bootstrap, as bootstrap provides a couple more advanced design options (including descriptions on Hover). Don’t know if anybody has tried that so far though.

EDIT: To specify further, i think you need to make a callback for the button similar to this

   Output('your_additional_info_div', 'style'),
   [Input('your_button_id', 'n_clicks')]
def setTipVisibility(n_clicks):
   if n_clicks%2:
      return {'display': 'none'}
      return {'display': 'block'}
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