HTML structure, what should a complex markup structure look like?

Hi. How can HTML structure be displayed in dash. Here is the HTML code:

<div class="row">

    <div class="col-12">

        <div class="card">

            <div class="card-header">

                <h4 class="card-title">EUR/USD</h4>

                <a class="heading-elements-toggle"><i class="la la-ellipsis-v font-medium-3"></i></a>

                <div class="heading-elements">

                    <ul class="list-inline mb-0">

                        <li><a data-action="collapse"><i class="ft-minus"></i></a></li>

                        <li><a data-action="expand"><i class="ft-maximize"></i></a></li>




            <div class="card-content collapse show">

                <div class="card-body chartjs">

                    <canvas id="line-chart" height="500"></canvas>






All I got was to reproduce the HTML line by line and the whole css breaks …