How to use dbc spinner_style?

I am trying to use dbc spinner, and I notice spinner_style is used to add Inline CSS styles to apply to the spinner. Is there example of how to use this config? I am currently using spinner_class_name=“position-absolute top-0 start-50” to position the spinner loading element in the top middle. however I want to move this a bit to the left corresponding to start-20, which is not available in Bootstrap 5.0 by default. I think this can be achieved by specifying position value in spinner_style but I do not know how.

Hi @shyam17

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I’ve tried with spinner_style but I couldn’t fine a way. I also played around with dbc.col’s width={"offset":2} but didn’t get exactly what you want. If I find a solution, I’ll repost. I’m sure if there are other community members that are very knowledgeable with css, they would also let you know.

Hello @shyam17,

Assuming by 20, you mean starting at 20% of the width of the screen?

If so, to repeat the class name into css would be: