How to tell within app whether Data Table is loaded with data?

This may seem a bit of a strange question, but please bear with me till the end, as I do have an important use-case.

In the Dash app I’m building, I have a Data Table which is triggered by two sources/controlled by two Input's: 1) a html.Button's n_clicks_timestamp, and 2) a dcc.Interval object’s data.

The flow of my app is as follows: 1) I click the button, 2) button’s n_clicks_timestamp causes the table to load itself, 3) the table’s now populated data attribute causes the dcc.Interval component to be turned on, 4) the dcc.Interval now updates the table.

The thing is, this semi-circular logic causes a cyclical dependency error in javascript, because the Data Table’s data attribute is seen as both triggering, and being triggered by, the dcc.Interval.

This is why I need a new way to measure whether my Data Table is “working”, or “populated with data”, so the Data Table can communicate to dcc.Interval to “go ahead”, without checking the data attribute directly.

How could I do this?