How to style markers in particular way?

Hi there,

I need to produce a plot that looks the following way:

The most closest to it among my attempts is (disregard different values, they don’t matter for this case):


I used “br” to space out values from the line. But I stacked at making markers look similar. I’m using ‘circle-dot’ symbol and set opacity=0.5 for the markers, but cannot figure out how to make dot larger.

Does anyone have leads on how to make the inside dot/circle larger keeping surrounding circle transparent?

That way the chart would look more vibrant.

Your advise would be very much appreciated!

Actually, solved that on my own.

Just added second series to the chart that duplicate existing ones, but have only small blue dot markers (type : scatter). The overlay of two series produced the desirable result.


Hopefully, that could be useful for someone else as well.