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How to set the inverse of initial_visible_month to date range picker?

Hey Fellows,

I’m using a datepickerrange component and I would like to show the initial_visible_month to “both sides”, and not only to the last date;

For instance, if I have the date

        min_date_allowed=dt(1995, 8, 5),
        max_date_allowed=dt(2017, 9, 19),
        initial_visible_month=dt(2017, 8, 5),
        end_date=dt(2017, 8, 25).date()

I would like to add something like

last_visible_month=dt(1995, 8, 5)
final_visible_month=dt(1995, 8, 5)

or any other option where I can open the “end_date” part and see the dates related to this that date and not to the last dates

Is it possible to do it in Dash?

Thanks in advance for any collaboration