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How to select the color of each individual pie chart slice? (Plotly web app)

I’ve tried group by, which does the job for bar charts, but this doesn’t work with pie charts.

The data is structured like this:
Announcements 12
CS 703
Leisure 455

Hey @sveisa

You can select a trace’s color by http://help.plot.ly/style-your-plots/#step-3-traces or in the JSON Editor http://help.plot.ly/view-and-edit-JSON/

Thanks but I’ve tried that already. What you link to works for a bar chart, but with my pie chart I can’t select individual pie slices in the ‘traces’ menu, the only trace available is Col2.


I have yet to find a pie chart that has been made with Plotly that does what I want. Basically I have a pie with 8 categories, and I want to color 3 of them blue, and the rest orange, while keeping the slices separate.

This is easy to do in Google Sheets etc., and in Plotly with regular bars, but not the pie chart. As far as I know.

This is a bump, because I need a bump. #requirementsfulfilled

Okay, so I can verify that the issue with colors is a bug. I will post here again once the issue is resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Also, keep in mind that - once the issue is resolved - certain colors and typeface are available to PRO subscribers only.

OK, great!

I am paying for Plotly (student account), I hope that is good enough in this case?

bcd, any timeline on this?

Any update on this? Pardon the nagging but I have a deadline and I’d think this bug is minor.

This issue has now been resolved. Thanks again for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.