How to save the trained model inside the callback in pickle

I encountered such a problem when the model is successfully trained, but at the same time I cannot save the trained model inside the callback and the following error pops up (_pickle.PicklingError: Can’t pickle <function error at 0x7f1ebbd3b820>: import of module ‘pages.dashboard.experiment’ failed).

You can reproduce the following code in your conscious and felt pain on yourself

This error happens in multipage application
here is the minimal code

def example_def(_):
       cls = autosklearn.classification.AutoSklearnClassifier(
        ), y_train)

        pickle.dump(cls, open('AUTOSKLEARN.pkl', "wb"))
        #with open('classifier.pkl', 'wb') as f:
        #       pickle.dump(cls, f)

        # joblib.dump(cls, 'final_model.joblib')

Hi @Sohibjon

Can you simplify this example? Does the error only happen with autosklearn or do you get the same error if you try to pickle a DataFrame?

hello @AnnMarieW , I tried to simplify the example as much as possible and published it on GitHub, yes, I get this error when I try to save the trained AutoSklearn model, other machine learning models do not give this error, and when I run AutoSklearn in a single page application, it perfectly saves the trained model in pickle. Error is output with AutoSklearn library in multipage application, strange.