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How to save image as .emf file?

I’m working on creating plotly charts and inserting them into a PowerPoint Presentation using python-pptx.

I managed to convert them into .jpg files and insert then but the quality isn’t great and the PowerPoint file size is around 8 MB for only a 5 slide deck.

I tried to create .eps files which is listed as an option in the docs but this requires the poppler library which I could not figure out how to install on Windows.

I would like to create .emf files since they would be of higher quality and way smaller file size.

Could you please tell me how I could go about doing that by using different libraries (such as py-emf) or if you could add this capability to plotly.py orca itself?

I read this post and tried adding ‘emf’ to the _orca.py file on my system but it doesn’t seem to help.