How to prevent Hover text from getting clipped?

When I hover over a data point I want to be able to see the name and values for the data point. Unfortunately the names that I’m using are really similar and long … and when Plotly renders the text, it ends up clipping it and putting ellipses (…) after the clipped name. How do I prevent this from happening?

I figured out if I specify a hovertemplate: ’ ’ with a space then the name does NOT get clipped, but now I have a new problem… I can no longer see the value at the data point. If I don’t specify a hovertemplate then the text gets clipped.


I’d like the value format to match that what is shown for the orange curve, but have the text never be clipped. Note the blue curve has the correct text, but no value. The green curve have the correct text but the value does not match the value shown in orange. The value should be still controlled via the toolbar buttons (toggle spikes, show closest data on hover, or compare data on hover)… not hard coded to always show x,y