How to page load every time not only initial step

Hi Everyone,
I have been trying to store two argument values inside a class argument. I used to get the data by pathname the assigned class attribute.
But, the issue is not updating on the page when the pathname is changing on the URL. I want the page to fully load every time the page URL pathname has been changed.

this is to get a pathname and assign it to the class object arguments.

cloud_obj = CloudFilter()

    Input("page_url", "pathname"),
def update_all_mode1(data_passing):
    equipment_id = data_passing[1:11]
    platform_id = data_passing[12:] 
    print(f"machine data: {equipment_id,platform_id}")
        cloud_obj = CloudFilter(platform_id, equipment_id)
    except Exception as err:
        print(f" select the machine: {err}")
    return ''

This is the class argument assigning

class CloudFilter:
    """_Cloud all data filter to use on frontend_
    def __init__(self,platform_id="",equipment_id=""):  
        self._equipment_id = equipment_id
        self._platform_id  = platform_id 
        self.dflt_start_date = "2023-07-03"
        self.dflt_end_date = "2023-07-10"
        self.date_range_df = pd.to_datetime([self.dflt_start_date, self.dflt_end_date], format="%Y-%m-%d")
    def get_platform_id(self):
        return self._platform_id

    def get_equipment_id(self):
        return self._equipment_id
    def set_platform_id(self,platform_id):
        self._platform_id = platform_id
        print(f"setter platform: {self._platform_id}")

    def set_equipment_id(self,equipment_id):
        self._equipment_id = equipment_id
        print(f"setter equipment: {self._equipment_id}")

this is the page load code

cloud_obj = CloudFilter()

    Output('page_content', 'children'),
    [Input('page_url', 'pathname')],
def display_page(url_address):
    if current_user.is_authenticated: # type: ignore
        if url_address == '/url_path' or '/url_path_two':
            # try:
            #     equipment_id = url_address[1:11]
            #     platform_id= url_address[12:]                  
            # except Exception as err:
            #         print(f" url path is not getting a value: {err}")
            # cloud_obj = CloudFilter(platform_id=platform_id,equipment_id=equipment_id) 
            # print(f"platform id: {cloud_obj._platform_id}")
            # print(f"equipment_id: {cloud_obj._equipment_id}")
            return first_section,second_section,third_section,fourth_section
            return p404.p404_layout

I am just getting to know how could we load the page when the class is getting attribute value and then load the trending page.

Thanks in advance.