How to disable constraint/selection on axis in parallel coordinate plot?

Hi, I have a quick question. How can we disable constraint on a certain axis in parallel coordinate? I found a setting for multiselect but in that case I can still select a single certain range, I like to disable completely for certain axis, how can I do that?

Hi peilin, did you find an answer to this in the end?

No I did not and gave up on it.

I discovered how to disable selection on all the axes using jQuery:


if you want to disable just one I’m sure you can get a hold of it using some jquery magic and then just call remove() on it

Thanks matt, I will come back to this thread if I need this functionality again in the future. I just imagined that this would be a feature, as well as other things like getting the data from the selection.

I was also surprised to hear the selection feature wasn’t optional!