How to clear input box automatically after pressing Enter (debounce = True)

I am using an input box to enter values. There is a callback which returns some output based on text in the input box. I have set the debounce option as True.
However, every time if I need to enter a new text, I have to first delete the previous input text.

Is it possible to automatically clear the text written in the input box after I press the Enter button?

I think the proper way to do that is command + backspace or ctrl + backspace rather than pressing Enter, Enter key and/or Tab key are the triggers to cancel the debounce delay.

What works for me is setting the value parameter to '' - i also update the placeholder parameter to indicate success or failure as my input is used for password validation.

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Thanks @flyingcujo. I just created another callback with output as the text box and input as a “clear” button and returned ''. This worked for me.

Thanks @byronz. Though your solution helps me in easily clearing the input, but I was looking more of a clear button kind of solution. With ctrl+backspace, I need to press it every time for each word (I have a sentence to clear).

@tushar on mac, cmd + backspace clears everything, might be different on other systems

but you might get more hints from here