How to change data color depending on the value of x?

So I have an example of our data here, for an example of what our data actually looks like in our json it is like this:
“symbol”: “Pbsn”,
“description”: “probasin [Source:MGI Symbol;Acc:MGI:1860484]”,
“hr_0_s_1”: 0,
“hr_0_s_2”: 0,
“hr_0_s_3”: 0,
“hr_120_s_1”: 0,
“hr_120_s_2”: 0,
“hr_120_s_3”: 0

Where the “hr_0_s_1” is the x value pertaining to 0 and “hr_120_s_1” is the x value pertaining to 120 (both happen to be 0 but it doesn’t matter)
I am wondering how I can change the color depending on the color just being a different x number.
(Currently, both bars are orange)