How to change color of name's label in hover info?

Hi guys!

I would want to know how to change the color of the name’s label in hover info showed in figures, I mean, SF Zoo in the screenshoot.


Thanks you very much in advance.


To change hoverlabel color, perform the following update:

fig.update_layout( hoverlabel_font_color='rgb(10,10,10)')

For more info on hoverlabel or hoverlabel_font print:

help(go.Layout.hoverlabel), respectively help(go.layout.Hoverlabel.font)

Hi @empet

Thanks for your answer but, at least in my case, if I use it, it’s (giraffes, 20) what changes its color, not SF Zoo that remains the same.

@agarzon The answer to your question is like this one where you should replace scatter by bar. More precisely the name font color is the same as the corresponding bar color.

@empet I understand then that it is impossible to select a different color from that of the bar itself, am I right?

What if I want to change the light grey background behind the text that says “SF Zoo”? Is this possible?

Its not advisable but adding some css does work:

     <!-- this is the box -->
    .plotly .hoverlayer .hovertext rect {
      fill: white !important;
      fill-opacity: 1 !important
    <!-- this is the text (SF Zoo)-->
    .plotly .hoverlayer .hovertext .name {
      fill: black !important;
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