How to capture every possible url path within a certain, registered page?

If I register a page,, which has the path, /home, then go to any path that’s within /home, e.g., /home/abc, it returns a 404, since I hadn’t manually registered an abc page. But, I want this to be able to capture and handle any possible path that starts with /home/.

Is there any way to make this registered page,, capture every possible path that starts with /home/, regardless of how many “directories” deep? I thought about using the path_template parameter within register_page(), but that doesn’t seem to support a varying path length, e.g., it could capture /home/abc but not /home/abc/xyz or vice versa, but not both.

Either don’t register pages and use dcc.Location()'s pathname attribute, or register a page (e.g., /home) and use URL fragments (using dcc.Location()'s hash attribute) to capture all possible child “paths”