How to add expandable row details?

It worked. Thank you again, this is great :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @jinnyzor,
I have a similar problem, with some differences in the way I want to show the data. Found your codes here really helpful, thanks for these. Appreciate if you can give me an idea on how I should create this?
In my case, the collapse data looks like this:

And when I expand the data, I’d like to see this:

Thank you,

Hello @Lili2023,

Welcome to the community!

I think I’d actually tackle yours with using AG Grid.

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Thank you! As you noticed I am new here (and new to using dash). I’ll check the documentations on AG grid as I am not familiar with it. Thanks for directing me to it!


@jinnyzor Just wanted to thank you again as you saved lots of my time and helped me to solved my problem! I looked for the AG grid in the community and found the relevant info/examples and managed to create my table.

All the best,


Hi @Lili2023
I spend almost a day and can’t figure out solution using AG Grid
Can you please share code or at least give me a hit

Highly Appreciate!!

Hello @Amirvaleev,

This comes in the way of master detail from AG Grid enterprise.

There are other things you can do with the community, but you would have to use a custom component.

Thanks, so the easiest way is to use JS?
Im having a problem though - when running script above im getting correct UI, but expanding option does not work, where can be a problem?

Really just depends on your data and what are you trying to accomplish.

Thanks I got it!
I just can’t figure out one more thing
Is it possible to insert dash_table in this expandable field?

Hey @jinnyzor! Thank you so much I figured that out!
Do you by any chance know is there a way to update this expandable row live with dcc.Interval for example?

Im having a problem that my data (in dash table) updates every second and want to have it live in this dropdown as well


You need to set a getRowId and then used rowTransaction and update that grid as well with the new data.