How to access properties of elements in callback function, on which the callback doesn't depend?

Output(“video-display”, “url”),
Output(“PDI”, “children”),
Output(“Max-worker-count”, “children”),
Output(“crowding-violations”, “children”),
Output(“distancing-violations”, “children”),
Output(“mask_violations”, “children”),
#Output(“Max-worker-count”, “children”),
Output(“msk_Max-worker-count”, “children”),
Output(“tbs-1”, “children”),
Output(“tbs-2”, “children”),
Input(“dropdown-footage-selection”, “value”),
Input(‘privacy’, ‘value’) ,
Input(‘URL’, ‘pathname’)
def update(a,b,c):
return a,b,c
Unlike above I want to access pathname property of 'URL in update function without explicitly writing a callback on it, is it possible?

Hi @abajaj945 you can use State for this, see the documentation on callbacks (search for “State”).