How do you structure larger applications?

I’m running into an issue where I need to organize my application because of everything contained within. I originally wanted to go ahead with an MVC pattern, but having played around with it this just isn’t compatible with dash unless we rebuild a new app for every route (if you use a callback for routing, then you can’t compartmentalize your other callbacks since the code is running from inside a callback).

I can’t seem to break free from having to create everything and add all callbacks upfront, regardless of whether a user would even have access to something. Or create a different app for each route.

I surely must be missing something. What does everyone else do? Any help/inspiration would be great. Thanks!

Edit: currently looking into just using django with some dash integration.

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HI @dmill
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I’ve heard people use Dash with django, but I’m not sure how it worked out for them. Using mutlipage app won’t work for you in this case?

I’ve built out a multi-page app for our planning needs which is great. I have multiple backup pages and multiple main pages. A few things to keep in mind though, make sure that callbacks only reference outputs once. I get tripped up by that sometimes. For common components between pages I can get away with only having one callback with that component as an output.


I wrote a wrapper to support multi page apps GitHub - sjtrny/dash-multi: Framework for multi-page Dash apps. It’s used by a few people but probably the largest project that uses it is

Otherwise Dash is adding better support for multi page apps. There’s a feature preview available 📣 Introducing Dash `/pages` - A Dash 2.x Feature Preview