How do I run a risk model on a Dash page or Tab and extract the data


I was wondering if anyone had some code or knew how to utilize dash to run a model, display the results, populate the results, and also be able to extract the results from say a deep learning risk model? What I want to do for now is start it (kick it off) when the user wants too - but the long range goal is when I connect it to an api - I want the model to update automatically. Can you do this with Dash? If so, example code?

It would be nice that once I received the data from running the risk model that it would automatically feed to another tab for a risk map and automatically populate it there. Does that make sense?

Hi @QuirkyDataScientist1
Your asked many questions on this post :blush:
I think what you’d like to do is possible. Definitely the API part. Have you checked out the Dash app gallery to see if there is anything there similar to what you’re looking for?