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How do I rename data columns and legends?

Sorry for the basic question, I’m a total beginner here.
In the tutorial it shows the columns (A,B,C etc) renamed into more meaningfull words. It shows it here

How do I make mine do the same? Mine looks like this.

Also wondering if this will rename the legend here

and if not I’m also wondering how I rename it.

any help would be much appreciated.

Hi, there! Welcome to Plotly. :slight_smile:

The option to naming your columns in the new workspace isn’t available yet (but soon!), but you can do so using Plotly 1.0, or naming them in the CSV or Excel file if you’re uploading one. If you’re using the old workspace, click on the arrow next to each column and hit “rename”.

You can rename the legend labels by double clicking on the legend labels and renaming them there. Just make sure you enable legend display by going to STYLE->Legend->SHOW.

Let me know if you need more help.