How can another user run my Python code and access its Dash outcome without sharing source code

I use Google Colab in which I have defined a (Python 3) function.

When function is called with several selected parameters, it takes source files (CSV) from the Google Drive and executes a code. An outcome of the function is a couple of figures that I visualize using Dash on my local computer.

I want other users, too, to be able to remotely run the source code (ideally placed on Google drive still), define the parameters in a text box, click OK button, and see the dashboard with figures on their computers.

All that without any installation and sharing the sourse code. Just click on some link, define parameters, confirm them, run my Google Colab notebook, see a dashboard. Is this even technically possible and if so, how?

I am aware of solutions that involve sharing a source code, creating web pages or apps etc. I would not prefer any of that. Thanks a lot for your inputs.

Hello @Volchek,

I’m not sure there really is a way to do what you are asking.

You are already using Dash to show the final result, why can’t you use it to also get your parameters? It sounds like what you are describing. Just a very simple interface.

That aside, in order to run the python code, they’d have to have python installed on their computer, along with all the dependencies.

I think that the easiest approach to achieve your goal would be to convert your notebook into a Dash app (it sounds like you are already using Dash for some parts), and deploy it to Render (or a similar service provider). With this setup, the client will only need a browser