HoverDistance Not Working As Expected


I have built a dash app and it contains plotly graphs. The point in the graph I need to hover over to get the correct data to show shifts further right as I move up the x-axis.

So, when I hover over the first point in my chart the hover is for that point, but by the time I get to the last spot on the x-axis, I can’t hover that point because the cursor would need to be outside the graph area.

Oddly enough, if I zoom way out my app, the hovers work correctly.

Update: It continues to get more right from graph to graph. So, if I have two plotly graphs in the same bootstrap row, each in a size 6 columns, where the cursor needs to be to trigger a points hover is pretty close for all points in the left graph and then about an entire step on the xaxis away in the right one.

Could you share a reproducible example to help us help you?

Moreover, if you’re using dash, you might want to post your question in #dash: this may lead to a better, prompter response. Thank you!