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Hover text not carried over to Plotly 2, /3068/, and /3071/ were created in the original Plotly and have hover text associated with each point. These graphs are referenced in a published article, and it was assumed they would remain functional.

The hover text detailed in the data is no longer working.
How can this be carried forward since the code for both versions seems similar?

Hello. I’ve checked all three plots and they seem to be working fine, on both Windows and Mac.

If you’re still experiencing this problem, is there a way that you can attach a gif or screencaps?


Thank you for checking these and for your response!
In fact, the hover text you are seeing is not the hover text I’m interested
in seeing, nor is it what is supplied in the data (it should be available
to you in the data tab or code).

Hmm…I’m not sure what you mean. I’m looking at your data and see that it does in fact plot what’s in the grid, and the hover values display those points.

What else do you want to be displayed on your hover? You need to set what you want displayed on your hover. Go to Create->Hover Text and select from the dropdown menu.

Previously, the hover text was presented as [text[0], text[1], text[2],
text[3], text[4]] as you see in the data, and not as the y-value. I can
choose to select one of those texts as a hover text, but not all at once.

Does this make more sense?

Yes, I understand.

You have to add more traces to include that information. The hover won’t display anything if you don’t select an x and y to show that specific value.

This is an example of when I added just one trace to include the “text 0” values. I also made that trace transparent, so the line doesn’t appear on the chart. We just need the information for the hover. Then make sure your ‘Values shown on hover’ selections are made, in the ‘Traces’ tab.