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Hover Box Size - Lines Mashed-up

Using plotly I built a 3d scatter chart in R and customized the hover content (3 lines). My issue is when I hover over a point the second and first lines are over top each other. After spending a long time trying to fix it I used the plotly example and ran into the same situation. The example below on the website shows all three lines separated but running this in my R session has the first two lines over top each other.

Is this some sort of setting issue?

plot_ly(iris, x = ~Petal.Length, y = ~Petal.Width, type = ‘scatter’, mode = ‘markers’,
hoverinfo = ‘text’,
text = ~paste('Species: ', Species,
’ Petal Lenght: ', Petal.Length,
’ Petal Width: ', Petal.Width))