Hover a name stored in another DF using ID index from a plotted DF


Hello guys I m here to ask for help on a bar plot.

So I am using a DF named df which contains return rates of funds.

Funds ID named as ISIN are the columns and their return are indexed on specific dates
(So ISIN is the column and Dates are indices).

But there is also funds Name which is associated with ISIN (funds ID).

Since apparently plotly.express does not yet support multi-indexing with plots, I would like to hover both Name (which is not in df) and ISIN using ISIN that is in the df that is used for the bar plot above.

import plotly.express as px

fig = px.bar(returns_asc, color="ISIN", hover_name="ISIN", barmode = 'group', height = 500, width = 1000)

Thank you much in advance!