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High download time of plotly charts


In the shiny application I’ve built, on clicking the download button there are about 5000 plotly charts that need to be downloaded. But the Phantom JS in the wbeshot package is taking too much time to save them one by one locally using the export function in the plotly package.

Is there a workaround for this or an alternate way to save plotly charts locally ?

Krishna Chaitanya

Plotly.downloadImage shouldn’t take that long.

Can you share a reproducible example to help us debug?

Sure. I’m unable to provide you with a reproducible example for now. But I am trying to implement this in R. And by clicking a download button, there should be 5000 CSV files and 5000 plotly png image files that need to be downloaded. But the problem I’m facing is that it takes too much time when I use export function to save these plots locally as PNGs.

I guess the plotly.downloadimage you’re talking about is applicable to Python ?