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Help please on purchasing this product

Hi Team, I am trying to understand what level of either subscription or purchase that I need.

I am building a website that will need to generate charts based off answers to questions I have created.

I want the software to be able to generate the chart live to and display the chart on screen at the end of the questionare.

I have tried posting here once before with no response and gone through your demo portal to try and get help there, but am yet to get an answer.

Can I just buy the Subscription to allow this to work or Do I need the on premise Version?

Hi @craig ,

If you know a little JavaScript, you may be able to do this with our open-source (Free) JavaScript library:

If you know Python, I would recommend using Dash for this.

You probably don’t need a cloud or on-premises subscription for this. Hope this helps.

We are in the same situation as Craig.

We have to build a website to show charts and heat maps related to data we keep in a sql database.
We are a research lab, and the graphs would have to be generated based on user requests, and update as new data is deposited in the database.

Since the data is of a sensitive nature we would prefer it to be stored in our servers, and therefore we were thinking of purchasing a subscription to the on-premises service, but we are not sure how that would work, or if it fits our needs…

However, I couldn’t find a way to contact Plotly to determine what kind of subscription is the best for us. The “request demo” doesn’t work if I use my .edu address.