(Help) Live updating dashboard application: Dynamically generated tabs & graphs with live updating data

Hello, I have a dashboard that needs to be initialized by using a file it will be receiving from outside.

This application needs to make a new tab with the same graphs for each Satellite within the file, and live update the graphs for all of the tabs. (Or just the tab the user is looking at)

My current solution successfully generates tabs dynamically, this is how I’m doing that:

However, I am running into a problem when attempting to populate the graphs with the correct data. I have attempted to wrap the live update callback function in a for loop, which was intended to populate the data for each satellite which the application has been initialized with. However, what happens is that all tabs will be updated with the data from the last satellite in the list. e.g. the loop runs, but the ID in the callback never seems to be set to the correct value. This is what I’m trying to do.