Handling multiple drop down in bar plot

Hi ,

I am new to R. I am trying to create a simple shiny
application which will display barplot using left drop down input. It
works for me when i have to plot for one drop down. however, it does not
work for multiple drop down.

I have three columns in my dataframe

  1. Region
  2. Country -
  3. Rating

requirement is when I select “Region” it should plot region (EMEA,
Asia, Americas) specific rating. and when I select Country (I.e.India,
Maxico, China, Spain etc ) it should show country specific rating. All
in bar graph.

Yes, The drop down should be dependent to each other. Please suggest me with some examples.

Thanks in advance.


Hey there’s a collection of shiny examples here: https://plot.ly/r/shiny-gallery. Maybe you can find what’re you looking for in there.

It sounds like you didn’t wrap the plot in a reactive expression thus when you change the input in the drop down the plot is not being rendered with the new data.

Here is a good example of using a drop down to change the data used for a plot:

Here is the tutorial for reactive expressions. If you take the time to go through this slowly and understand it then your simple app should be very easy to do:

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