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Grid With Re-ordered columns messes up data on sort

I reordered some columns of data and the tried to sort by a column descending. On sort, the column headers stayed in the same order but the data itself moved back to the column it was originally in. This messed up the grid since now the data was appearing with the wrong column header.

To reproduce:

  1. Load some data into a grid
  2. Move a column
  3. Sort by a column
  4. See that the moved column’s data is in its original position before being moved but the headers don’t move.

@weshoke Thanks so much for reporting and sorry for the delay. We’ve been investigating and found several other issues with column sorting. We’re going to turn off this feature tomorrow until they are worked out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Potentially related: if I remove a column the data seems to stick around. I can input new data into the grid, but any plot I make will use the old data.