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Graphs are not getting filtered after deployment on Heroku

Hi All,

I deployed my Dash application on Heroku, after that my chart is not showing filtered data but Dash tables are working fine in the same application.

on the localhost server, it was working perfectly. Please help me out with this, any lead will be appreciable.

Thanks in Advance
Deepan Kumar

do you have any code you can share to help diagnose the problem (including and pseudo data)?

hi flyingcujo

the code is working perfectly on local host, its more like there are something i need to add to make charts working or there is a bug with library. as after filters Dash Table is working fine.So data is filtered in desired dataframes and reflecting in Dash table but not in Charts (bar,pie).

and please if you have any dummy code available which you deployed on any web server with python and includes charts please send. i will be very grateful.

Thanks & Regards
Deepan Kumar

Double check that your filtering callbacks (or other ones the filtering relies on) don’t take longer than 30 seconds…the last time I checked Heroku they were still limiting web processes to 30 sec…so if this times out, then things might seem broken.

You shouldn’t need to do anything differently in your code to have it deploy to heroku.