go.Bar real time dash

I am working with real time data and using dash as dashboard.
When I plot something using plotly.graph_objs.Scatter, with mode=‘lines+markers’, the values appear in the graph and remain in the graph until a new value has appeared in our database.

However, if I want to use go.Bar instead of scatter, the values only appear in the graph, the time that an interval lasts, so if there are no new values in the database, when the interval has ended, the graph remains empty.
This does not happen when we use scatter that the values are maintained until a new data appears in our database.

Does something similar happen to someone?

trace = go.Bar(
marker= dict(color= ‘#C8A2C8’,line= dict(width= 1.5 )),

Thank you :slight_smile:


Change animate = True to animate = False.