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Getting round the Plotly D3.js addin for PowerPoint

I’d like to share a tip of presenting plotly charts in a PPT without relying on the Plotly D3.js addin.

A fundamental problem of Plotly D3.js addin for PowerPoint is that it retrieves the chart from the plotly account on the Web, thus requires an internet connection with certain parameters.

In my other post here (How to embed video (e.g. YouTube) in Dashboard with Chart ) I argued that the addin won’t work on cruise ships, for example, where a company Board may want to conduct its meeting, due to an unavoidably lengthy ping time of a satellite internet connection.

My solution doesn’t require an internet connection at all.

When one creates a plotly chart in R, it is stored as an html file on the local PC, together with all required libraries. When it is displayed from R, the file location appears in the browser address line.

Now, I want this local file to display as a live web window inside a presentation.
For this, I found a LiveWeb addin for PowerPoint.

After installing it, all I need is to enter the local file location address at the field where it asks for a web address.

NB: A couple of technical issues that may not be applicable to all users:
(1) PowerPoint 2013 blocks the webbrowser control from being inserted which prevents LiveWeb from functioning normally. The LiveWeb FAQ contains a link to a Microsoft support page that suggests a solution
(2) By default LiveWeb seems to use an IE7 rendering engine. This is not sufficient for plotly. The LiveWeb FAQ suggests an easy procedure of changing the rendering engine to IE11, that worked fine for me – one just needs to add a meta tag in the html code of the plotly chart.

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Nice workaround! Does this still work for you?