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Getting 404 on login to Chart Studio

Testing Falcon for the first time today. Using SQL Client v4.1.0 on Mac w/ Catalina 10.15.4

I have successfully connected the client to a Postgres database and run a few queries. However, when I attempt to connect to Chart Studio with my login info, I am met with a 404 page trying to authorize

I’ve tried using the supplied link on login page of the client directly into both chrome and safari.

Could this be because of the chart studio URL changes?

I am getting the same 404 error: SQL Client v4.1.0 on Windows.

This is also happening to me - did anyone confirm that this is because of the URL change?

I met the exactly same question, does anyone have a solution now?

Hi guys I find a way to solve this problem, thanks jiglesiasc on github. You can log in as enterprise, using this url: then authorize, and it will work. Hope this can help you.

Thanks @hupeiran. This worked.