Get back url for PingID authentication


I am trying to implement an authentication protocol for my Dash app (I am not using Dash Enterprise). I am able to authenticate my app against LDAP using requests method and view function:

for view_func in app.server.view_functions:
app.server.view_functions[view_func] = basic_auth_required(app.server.view_functions[view_func])

However, I was asked to update my authentication to PingID recently. WIth PingID, I was given a login link such that I can redirect to it for authentication. After authentication, the link returns my app url + an authentication code as post-fix. What I need to do is to grab that code, use post method to request user info (authentication status, name, token etc.).

However, I do not find a way to get the url without using callback (in view_functions) to let my app knowing the user is authenticated.

Any suggestions to solve this issue? Any examples on how to implement PingID authentication in Dash would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,